Links to entertainers and other organisations and
charities that share World Wide Smiles ideals Clown Bluey – World Wide Smiles member. Conk the Clown – World Wide Smiles member. Clowns International, the oldest organisation for clowns in the world. Shobi Dobi, Hospital Clown & Editor, the Clown Hospital Newsletter. USA Organisation: We Send Laughter Around the World. A Christian organisation dedicated to helping the poor in Romania. A major Sponsor for World Wide Smiles – excellent sponsor and wonderful Vans!!! Highly recommended! SEED working for Children and Social Welfare for the poorest of the poor in Kolkata. Our WWS Page on Facebook – Please join our Support Group! Commemorating Blondin, Ropewalker extraordinaire PLUS History of Funambulus/rope-walkers through the Centuries. Facebook Clown Bluey’s Clown Club. Cheap calls abroad. DialToSave is a leading price comparison and discount telecoms website specialising in services for cheap international phone calls together with low cost mobile phone deals. World Wide Wanders has been developed to service as a travel information repository, where those that travel can share their experiences with fellow travellers and lighten the load or merely point others in the right direction without destroying the sense of adventure and discovery that all travellers seek.