This page is dedicated to all those Sponsors, both companies and individuals, who have given their services, time and / or money to enable World Wide Smiles to take smiles to needy children and adults world-wide.


We wish to place on record our heartfelt thanks to all those who have helped, or who plan to help in future so that World Wide Smiles can continue to take smiles to needy children throughout the World.

If you would like to help by making a contribution in any way, we would be very happy to hear from you. Please e-mail us on or use our Contact Page.

We would particularly like to acknowledge the generous sponsorship of everybody who has donated time or money and specifically:


Wayne Walters, London for his continued and much appreciated support: £200.00.

Andriessen Bestelrent B.V who once again sponsored a lovely Nissan 6 x seater Van for our 2016 Romania Tour.  Excellent Van, very comfortable, we were all very impressed with its comfort and economy – highly recommended – check out their webpage.

The Smiles Foundation, Oradea, Romania: for arranging our first week’s tour and accommodating and feeding our team – thanks so much Kevin Hoy and his wonderful and helpful staff! Please look at the wonderful projects they run:

The Mother Theresa Foundation in Oradea, Romania, who again arranged the itinerary for the second week of our Tour and accommodated us in a self-catering apartment in Cetariu. Also our grateful thanks to all the girls in the Mother Theresa Shop who generously and kindly did all our laundry every day!  You were brilliant – hugs and thanks to you all!!

Conk, who continues to donate much needed funds through giving illustrated talks to the WI and other groups and societies.

Colleen Clelland, Marchwood for donating a generous £30.00 to WWS – thanks Colleen, you’re a star!

Peter Malindine and Jeffo the Clown for a much appreciated £50.00.


Wayne Walters, London for his annual donation of £200 – thank you Wayne, so very much appreciated!

Conk, for his talks to various clubs and societies every year for a donation to WWS: £135.

Jenny Brattle, Bluey’s lovely and generous wife and supporter: £100.

Ben & Maria in Holland -Maria’s Birthday donation and Pax Kinder Holland: Euro 150.


A big thank you to Wayne Walters of Tottenham, London, who again not only generously donated £200.00 to WWS but has indicated his wish to make this an annual donation – many thanks Wayne – you are a star!


To our wonderful, generous sponsor who wishes to remain anonymous, who kindly sponsored our complete 2014 WWS Tour to Kenya. A wonderful gift for us and for all the children who enjoyed our performances and company.

Warrington Soroptimists International who, through their President Margaret Carr, made us their 2012/13 Charity and collected a wonderful £832.15 to use for our future tours. Many thanks ladies – very much appreciated!


Margaret Carr, President of Warrington Soroptimists International, presents
a cheque to Conk & Bluey, 21.4.2013 who have generously sponsored a new portable stage set: we are deeply indebted and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for such a generous gesture.

Stage set

WWS new Stage Set as sponsored by


A big thank you to Wayne Walters, Tottenham, London, who very kindly donated £200.00 whilst Conk and Clown Bluey were at the 9th Hungarian Circus Championships in Budapest.

Thank you to Conk the Clown who has made several donations to date, the monies coming from talks he gives about WWS to various groups such as W.I.

Many thanks to Toto the Clown for donating a generous £40.00 before flying back to the USA in March.

Our deepest thanks to our friend and colleague, Crazy Bananas, who donated a wonderful £200.00 in March.

Thanks to Flossie Clown who donated £35.00.

Our gracious thanks to our friend Wayne Walters in the Circus Fans Association who donated a wonderful £200.00 in Budapest, Hungary.


We would like to acknowledge Clown Bluey who has donated £240.00 to enable WWS to register as a Limited Company in the U.K.


We would like to thank Clown Crazy Bananas who gave a day sculpturing and selling balloon animals in December, raising the wonderful sum of £40.00 for WWS.


Toto the Clown from the USA who kindly donated £40.00 to our funds during his recent visit to the UK

Being a very small charity, we are always extremely grateful for any donation to allow us to continue taking SMILES to needy children in the world.

Should you wish to make a donation, please use our Contact page or e-mail us at:

2008 & 2009

The Heyerman de Bakker, Ulft, Holland for generously supplying the WWS Team with cakes to auction at the 2008 and 2009 Centrum Festivals in Ulft, all proceeds going to our Fund for our 2009 Charity Tour to Calcutta, India and our planned tour to Romania in 2010.

Heyerman de bakker

Clown Bluey presents a ‘Thank You’ Bouquet of balloon flowers to
the owner and staff of
Heyerman de bakker


Mother Therese Foundation, Ulft, Holland and Oradea, Romania: Itinerary – Programme and accommodation

Maica Therese

The WWS Team with staff Members of of Maica Therese Foundation Shop.

Romania - Illy bouquet

Illy, Shop Manager and Itinerary Organiser receives a “Thank you” Bouquet
of Balloon Flowers from Clown Bluey on behalf of World Wide Smiles

The Car Centre Andriessen (Andriessen Bedrijfswagens),Terborg, Holland – Sponsored VW Van for Romanian Tour. Excellent Van and wonderful Sponsors! Highly recommended for superb Vans!

Andriessen 1

The WWS Team with Illy & Anna Marie of the Maica Theresa Foundation, Oradea.

Andriessen 2

Masjolie presents Andriessen Bedrijfswaggens, Terborg, with a token of
our gratitude for sponsoring the super 3.5 VW Van.


The Car Centre Andriessen (Andriessen Bedrijfswagens), Terborg, Holland – Sponsored VW Van for Poland Tour. Excellent Van and Excellent Sponsors!

Poland - orphanage

Children of the Orphanage in Jaworzno send a heartfelt thank you to our V.W. Van
sponsors, Andriessen Bedrijfswagens, Terborg, Holland (

KIM Apparatenbouw, Doetinchem, Holland: Donations made by colleague companies to the World Wide Smiles Mission at the invitation of KIM in honour of opening of their new Factory Hall.

Club of Hundred (SDOUC Football Club), Ulft, Holland: Cash Donation


Tonzon Ltd & Kids4Kids Charity, Holland/Sri Lanka: Arranging the itinerary, use of Ton Willemsen’s house in Colombo and supplying interpreters: Sri Lanka Tour

Sri Lanka Airlines U.K: Discounted airfares UK/Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Tour

The Centrum Festival Committee, Schoolchildren, Traders and Residents of Ulft, Holland:

All monies collected at the Centrum Festival were donated to the World Wide Smiles Mission; residents accommodated all the clowns for gratis; many Shops in Ulft collected and donated money; and all the schoolchildren of Ulft collected money for our Sri Lanka Tour

Clowns from Clowns International [U.K., USA, Germany, France, Denmark, Holland] Sponsored time and free performances: Centrum Festival

Walburgis School, Netterden, Holland: Cash Donation

Mrs Chris Fincham (England): Cash Donation


The Channel Tunnel Plc U.K: Sponsored tickets UK/France: Kosovo Tour

The Car Centre Andriessen (Andriessen Bedrijfswagens),Terborg, Holland ( Sponsored Mercedes Sprint Van – Kosovo Tour

Andriessen 3

Conk, Bluey & Masjolie thank the owners of Andriessen Bedrijfswagens,
Terborg, Holland, for sponsoring the Mercedes Sprint Van

Nienhuis Montessori, Zelhem, Holland: Cash Donation

Venneslag School, Doetinchem, Holland: Cash Donation


P & O Ferries U.K: Sponsored Ferry tickets UK-Holland: Romania Tour

Mother Therese Foundation, Ulft, Holland: Itinerary and accommodation

Venneslag School, Doetinchem, Holland: Cash Donation

Christoffel School, Didam, Holland: Cash Donation


Mother Therese Foundation, Ulft, Holland: Itinerary and accommodation

Venneslag School, Doetinchem, Holland: Cash Donation


Mother Therese Foundation, Ulft, Holland: Itinerary, travel and accommodation

Plakkenberg School, Silvolde, Holland: Cash Donation

Plakkenberg School

Pupils from Plakkenberg School, Silvolde, Holland, hand over a
wonderful donation to World Wide Smiles, 2000

Kledingbeurs, Ulft, Holland: Cash Donation


DOC, Doetinchem, Holland: Cash Donation